The High Court of justice is, together with the Court of Appeal, one of the senior courts of England & Wales. It has three main divisions (The Queen’s Bench Division, The Chancery Division and The Family Division) and hears appeals from the High Court and the Crown Court. It used to be the court of last resort and highest appellate court in the UK, until the Supreme Court (another stunning London Court) was established in 2009.
The building is open to the public from 9:30am to 16.30pm (Monday-Friday except for Bank Holidays)
The RCJ has numerous toilet facilities around the building. It has a Cafe (Market Deli) which serves a range of Breakfast and Lunch options, including delicious Pastries. The Cafe is also an accredited Costa Coffee which serves a range of hot beverages. It is open to the public daily from 9:30am to 15:30pm.
Very well qualified. Our tours are usually delivered by London Blue Badge Guides.
Passing through security is quick. All visitors will be expected to put bags through an x-ray machine and empty pockets of coins, keys etc.
Yes.  We would be delighted to arrange a guided tour for your school. Please contact us via email or our booking page.
Entry to the building is free. Official tours are priced as set out on this site.
Unfortunately not.  Photography inside the building is not permitted as Judges, and members of the public appearing at the High Court, may inadvertently appear in photographs which could compromise security and/or privacy.
Yes, there is access to all areas of the building for wheelchair users, however, the building is vast and the tour can be challenging for those in wheelchairs and/or those with mobility challenges (as well as carers) and such tours require additional planning, therefore we require significant notice of wheelchair users and those requiring support so we can plan accordingly. The Building is also very old and from time-to-time we encounter access issues due to faulty machinery which may make the tour temporarily unavailable to some. The building is DDA Compliant, but only just.
Yes. There are facilities in the Queens Building on the ground and first floors and off the Main Hall.
Sorry, no. However, guide dogs will be permitted for those registered as blind.
No.  It used to be, but private and corporate events have now ceased.